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Professional Therapeutic Coaching

Professional Therapeutic Coaching Centre (PTC Hoedspruit) commenced operating in 2009 and formally established in 2012 after a few years of settling into the areas of interest.  Ronelle Joubert is registered with the following professional bodies, namely, Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors (CPSC) as a Professional Counsellor, COMENSA (Master Credentialed Coach Practitioner), The Counselling Association of South Africa as a Professional Counsellor,  International Coaches Register (Life Coach), ADR Network SA (Mediator).

Our focus is to provide you with the healing you require in order to establish growth and development within you that will enable you to become the person you were born to be.  We have a comprehensive portfolio of therapy, development, and care to people of all age groups, gender and backgrounds, who find themselves in situations which require help, assistance or change.  Our interventions are people-focused as our primary objective is to achieve realistic long term solutions and healing.  You will be able to find new avenues for personal growth and development in any area that you may aspire to, without limitations.  PTC strips away the conditions and restraints of societal barriers and stigmas to stimulate, enhance and actively nurture personal growth and development.

Additionally, PTC also operate a thriving faith focused service within our therapies and methodologies, to those who wish to engage in Christian based healing and development.

If you are unsure of the type of therapy, coaching or learning you wish to engage in, we will be delighted to explain to you our services, costs, and processes. 

Doctoral Degree in Theology

Ronelle's Doctoral Degree within "Biblical Counselling for Dependency and Co-dependency of Adults Originating from the Childhood" obtaining Doctor in Theology with the discipline of Biblical Counselling (Th.D) can be viewed here...
Doctoral Degree in Theology

Article in Lig Magazine

Raak die spanning van 'n buierige tiener vir jou te veel? Hier is raad.
Article in Lig Magazine


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We have an active and extensive range of study courses based on counselling, coaching, and personal development…



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