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Coaching we offer.

Our method of coaching is to engage with you through direct conversation.  We do not make any assumption on what it is you, your partner or your child may need for personal development.  Our relationship is established based on our ability to communicate collaboratively with each other and by identifying and agreeing the areas where you wish to change, develop or enhance.  

For example, if you were due to give a speech to a large group of people but had never spoken publicly before, and it was causing you high levels of anxiety, we would be able to help you with this.  We would work with you to break down the barriers you face and provide you with the tools that will enable you to develop a successful approach and plan to speak publicly.  Whether you are an adult, or if this is for your son or daughter preparing for their Graduation speech; we can help you with this.

Below is a range of the key services we provide within Coaching techniques, this list is continued in ‘other coaching button’.  

Details of the service methods will be provided when we have the opportunity to discuss this with you.

Once we discover your needs, only then are we able to identify the solutions to address them.


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Coaching we offer

Below is a range of the key services we provide within Coaching techniques .

Child Development

Parental Guidance

Personal Growth

Teenage Development

Family Development

Corporate Recruitment Assessments & Profiling

Personal Development in your career

Corporate Team Development Assessments

Personal Development not work related

Christian / Faith Development

Divorce mediation / Parental Plans

Other services

People Helped

Online Counselling

We also offer online counselling feel free to sign up and get the help you deserve today