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Functional Therapy operates on a two-way process and, at two levels.

1.     We work through a process of healing, which may cover a broad range of issues, depending on personal circumstances.

2.     When the healing process has been achieved, we then focus on the path to recovery and personal growth and development.

Our approach is to ensure we achieve a successful and collaborative relationship with you. This will enable us to nurture and develop key life skills, create and develop the necessary tools and skills for you or your child to discover how to manage your situation and your life in a way that compliments your needs and aspirations. We ensure appropriate coaching is achieved through healing therapy and a range of teaching skills. Through natural conversational engagement, we develop a path that can apply healing, change, and growth which will provide you with solution-focused, life enhancing change.  We apply this at a pace you are comfortable with and in complete confidence.  Below is a range of the key services we provide within Functional Therapy techniques, this list is continued in ‘other therapies’.  Details of the service methods will be provided when we have the opportunity to discuss this with you.  Once we discover how you are currently functioning, only then are we able to identify the challenges you are facing and the solutions to embark on.


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Functional Therapy Services

Below is a range of the key services we provide within Functional Therapy techniques

Sexual Abuse / Rape

Bereavement Counselling


ADD / ADHD Assessments

Trauma Counselling



Therapeutic Play

Teenage Counselling

Marriage Guidance

Stress & Anxiety


People Helped

Online Counselling

We also offer online counselling feel free to sign up and get the help you deserve today