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Play is a child’s way of communicating and it should not be seen as just mere play but that the meaning of play is very important. Within the generation we live parents no longer are able to skill their children through play. Much skill is lost and children more than often need to be taught the skill of play. Parents are at a loss with the different behavioural patterns their children display not being able to cope with these issues.

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When a child play it has much meaning to them as they express themselves through the toys they use to verbalise that what they ordinarily would not be able to express through words. They also will express through play that which they sometimes are taken to task for expressing in words. Therefore, play during the therapeutic process is crucial in a child expressing their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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Tips - Parenting

  1. Don’t discipline child for mistakes, accidents or failures – toddlers unfortunately make a lot of mistakes, accidents and fail a lot due to the fact that they need to learn, grow and understand
  2. Don’t break the bond of love – punishment can be done with a lot of love. The child needs to know that he/she is always loved and it is that what the child have done that you don’t like and not the child
  3. Don’t be a dictator – don’t say no too often and without explaining the reason. Say yes more than what you would no. Be careful of too many house rules, just the most important
  4. Don’t get involved within a will struggle – especially with a toddler as they will always test your authority to see how far they can push you and pick your battles.
  5. Support your spouse’s authority – you have to stand together, they have to see that you are on the same page.

Masters Degree within Play Therapy

Ronelle's fulfillment of the requirements in the degree Bachelor's in Play Therapy and Master's Degree in Drawing Interpretation Case Studies, obtaining Masters Degree within Play Therapy can be viewed here...
Masters Degree within Play Therapy