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Core Values

The list below is not a conclusive list. It is merely some sample values to assist you in determining those values that are important to you. Look at the list and choose five important values if you do not already know those values that are important to you. Do not overthink the selections you make. Remember, that you have more than 5 values, however, in order to remember some of those, choose only five as they influence us powerfully as well as effect our actions and decisions. This exercise helps us to determine what obstacles within our lives are conflicting with our values in order for us to make the necessary change - which ultimately helps us to fulfill more of our goals as well as living a more satisfied and fulfilled life. It is unlikely that we will come up with a completely accurate list within this one exercise, however, place your values in the order of importance to you.
AchievementConnectednessFull Self-ExpressionKnowledgeReligionSuccess
AccomplishmentCreativityRelationshipsLeadershipRespectTo be Known
AmbitionEqualityHarmonyLoyaltyRisk TakingTrust
AestethicsEthical PracticeHealthNurturingRomanceVariety
CommitmentFairnessHumilityPersonal Development/GrowthSelf-ControlledWisdom
CommunityFamilyIndependencePersonal PowerService to Others
CompetitivenessFreedomIntimate Relationship
with God

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